Advances and Scientific Merits in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine

November 18-20, 2019 | Barcelona, Spain


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I consider it as a great honour to invite you all to the Global Event on Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine to be held at Spain during 18-20 November 2019.

The theme of this Conference “Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders in Cardiac and Vascular Medicine, Surgery and Research” is particularly approach to strengthen the further. It is time to change, and we do have the potential in terms of scientific knowledge and technology to make changes that enhance our ability to improve in the field of Cardiology and vascular medicine.

I am confident that the scientific program of the global event will provide an attractive platform to discuss the key issues incardiology & oncology research is progressing every day. If new findings can be confirmed by factual evidence, that will be important new information. But, if this information can be generated non-invasively and quickly without going through expensive or time-consuming medical procedures,this would be more desirable. I am confident, that the event would help by connecting scientists within and across disciplines of Cardio and vascular sectors. It would create an environment, where information exchange, generation of new ideas and acceleration of applications in advanced cardiology research.

I am looking forward to meet all of you in Spain during November 2019 to make the event a grand success.

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D., FACA, FICAE, FAAIM, FRSM

Conference Chairman

Adjunct Prof., Dept. of Family & Community Medicine, New York Medical College; USA

President & Prof., International College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics;

Former Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation;


Cardiac Remodelling & Regeneration in pathological conditions

Advanced cardiac medications & devices

Improved techniques of heart transplantation

Advances in Nuclear Cardiology

Food, Nutrition & Diet Therapy for Cardiac patients

Biomarkers of cardiovascular and brain health

Cardiac Nursing: Training, Education & healthcare

Cardiac metastases

Risk of hypertension and stroke

Management of peripheral arterial diseases

Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis

Genetic risk factor for vascular disease

Diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors

Incidence of congenital heart disease

Relationship of obesity and physical fitness to cardiopulmonary and metabolic function

Device-based therapy of cardiac rhythm abnormalities

Clinical pharmacology research in cardiovascular diseases

Diagnosis and management of pericardial diseases

Methods and models of cardiovascular physiology and electrophysiology

Cardiovascular angiography and interventions

Artificial intelligence in cardiology and cardiovascular healthcare






Cardio Surgeons


Directors, CEOs, Presidents and Vice Presidents


Members of Organizing Committee

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura

Adjunct medical professor
New York Medical College, USA

Dr. William J. Rowe

Former Assistant Clinical Professor
Medical University of Ohio, USA

Dr.Yong-Xiao Wang

Albany Medical College, USA

Dr. Sergey Suchkov

I M Sechenov First Moscow State
Medical University, Russia

Dr. Samer Ellahham

Cardiovascular Consultant
Cleveland Clinic, UAE

Dr. Ljudmila Stojanovich

Head of Scientific Research Board
University Medical Center, Serbia

Dr. Sachin Gupte

Associate Professor
Albany Medical College, USA

Prof. Arnon Blum

Professor of Medicine
Bar-lian University, Israel

Dr. Nagula Praveen

Assistant Professor
Osmania Medical College, India


Barcelona, Spain

+1 612 345 3834



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